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AgriCells Enhance Field Stability

The cell membrane of the AgriCell shields encapsulated actives from harsh field conditions like extreme heat, UV light, extreme pHs, enzymes, and microbes. Shielding prevents actives from being broken down and degraded, so they maintain their potency and last longer in the field. 


We can modify AgriCells to control the speed of the release of the loaded actives, fine-tuning the timing of release for a variety of different applications. For example, the AgriCell cell wall can be strengthened to slow the release of actives over a course of weeks. 


The AgriCell is produced in a natural fermentation process that generates a natural waste stream.  It is specifically designed to biodegrade naturally in the soil. Even better, by shielding actives and controlling their release, the AgriCell can significantly lower dosage rates. For synthetic active ingredients, lower dosage rates means fewer chemicals sprayed in the environment.

1st generation

AgriCell invented to add broad, sustainable value to agriculture.

2nd Generation

Enhanced AgriCell Platform, novel biodegradable capsules, and AgriShell Platform added to technology portfolio.

3rd generation

Diverse crop protection portfolio: blend of capsules, formulating agents, and AgriCell + AgriShell variants.

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